Today 19 July 2018

Beautiful Souls,

The words I share are for me too!  While I have been on this journey to the Self for some time now, I am often filled with uncertainty, fear and doubt.  Thanks for joining me.  I Pray I can bring a smile to your hearts, as I share my Truth.  If you have any questions, please ask.  I have one request of all of you…..


Today, a young lady I follow on Instagram posted an image of a passage in a book she is currently reading and drawing inspiration from.  Reading without my glasses was a challenge, yet I am glad I stuck with it, for the page she shared was about our mindsets; lack versus prosperity, consciousness, how the choices we make affect our realities, and basically we have everything we need to create a new and improved life, if we but change our perspective.

I initially had a different plan for my morning, usually starting my day in formal meditation.  Today, that meditation took on a new form, as I sat up and responded to one who inspired me to “speak”.

Thank you Tristan for inspiring me today.

One of the first things that came to mind is the Bible verse, ‘Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”.   I then shared the two books I am currently reading….SETH SPEAKS by Jane Roberts (which I started a week ago), and THE TEAM 2, the second of a series of 5 books, by Frances Key as dictated to her by her deceased mother, Crystal Teddy Key (which I began in 2012, and am never without).  If I were to recommend reading material it would be the latter, to begin with.  THE TEAM Books continue to inspire, and uplift me in a way I cannot adequately finds words to describe.  I have many EUREKA moments, often highlighting and tagging pages, and memorizing prayers/passages.  Each book begins with the awesome phrase: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

And so, my message to Tristan is below.  In the writing more inspiration came, so the original message is not quite in the same form.  May it inspire someone today.

Welcome to The Journey.  It is indeed a process, an unraveling of “the program”.  It can be a lonely walk at times, often filled with doubt, uncertainty, fear, and maybe even guilt depending upon the decisions you are now making towards honoring yourself.  Changing old familiar patterns and breaking the chains takes courage!! YOU GOT THIS! Love the Now You!! Celebrate That One! Encourage That One! Uplift That One! Shine the same love and devotion you give away to so many, on your Self.

Personally, I am coming out of a year of sweeping change in both my personal and business life.  Many tears.  Fear, Doubt, Self-blame, and Guilt were constant companions. I felt rudderless, without direction.  Everything I identified with, collapsed.  I had to get out of my own way, and stop trying SO hard.  The effort it took to be seen, heard, and understood became too much.  I realized the cycle I had been stuck in (and complaining about) for so long was held in place by me! No one else was doing anything that I did not allow.  So, as my song says, I LET IT ALL GO, and made a new choice; to break painful patterns, and trust in the Ancestors, and a Higher Power unlike ever before.   Faith was my constant when I could not ‘see’ beyond the ‘dark night of the soul’.  I had no idea what was in front of me, but I KNEW what I would not go back to doing, being, and allowing.

That voice in my head was loud: Now what? What am I going to do? Where am I going to live? Have I lost my mind? Many mornings I awoke with the words “What have I done?!?” ringing in my head.

And, still I held on (Just like my song HOLD ON says:) to my faith that there has to be something more.  During concerts songs I penned buoyed me, as I sang my Truth.  ALL IS WELL, LET IT ALL GO, DON’T WANNA GO, MY WORLD, HOLD ON, FINALLY FREE, and TAKE IT TO THE FATHER, were my testimony,  and my story.

Today, as the winds of change continue to transform all I have held dear, I walk this life’s walk in a way I have never done before.  It feels really good to be the Now me, and to feel empowered by the freedom that comes with knowing I am not defined by my relationships, nor by the thoughts and opinions of others.  I have broken the chains I never knew were chains until they were no longer there.

So, I welcome you to a new vision of your Self. Freedom comes at great cost, and it will exact it’s price.  May I encourage you to follow your heart.  If you listen and heed (and TRUST), it will never lead you wrong.  May you be aware of ‘that voice’ that is constantly commenting, judging, blaming, criticizing, and wants you to be afraid that the sky is falling.  That voice wants you to doubt yourself and to return to old familiar patterns that no longer serve your health, or happiness.

JOY COMETH IN THE MORNING! I am a living witness.

From my heart to yours,






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Artist, Yogi, Healer, Teacher, Motivator, Seeker who follows her heart. I’ve Learned to Dance in the Winds Of Change, and to stand naked in the midst of chaos. May my voice be a beacon to those seeking that certain something that resonates in a place that longs to live a fuller, richer life. May my own journey inspire! If I can reach this place of healing after all I have faced, survived, and overcome, ANYONE CAN!!

15 thoughts on “Today 19 July 2018”

  1. Beautifully said. Every word! I’m so proud of you.

    Tasha Joy Miller
    Villager. Singer. Songwriter. Teacher. 🌟


  2. I hope I understand everything.
    Bonsoir belle Âme.
    More than a year ago, I told you that you were going to experience a radical but positive change. Do not be afraid. I’ve been through a change for a year too. I also suffered. I know that a star guides me and that change is good for me. I do not know where I am going, but I trust my star. A voice reassures me and says: patience. I do not know what work I will do but I will not let anyone reach my health. I am also a magnetizer. We have this common point. Serenity is priceless and freedom too. The most beautiful proof of love is to leave free the being you love. You do not have to doubt yourself. You just need reassurance. I always felt that when I saw you. You know, I do not like the feeling of abandonment, nor the station platforms. At 6, I found myself on the platform of a station with a suitcase, nobody told me that I would leave for a decade, away from my parents. I was placed at the DASS. Child motif beaten for nothing. My mother was too young and did not want children. I did not understand but now I understand it. My mother often says to me: do not worry, your inheritance will be huge. She just forgot the main thing: Love. And it’s true, We are not alone. There is a force that guides us. “To change, not to become someone else, is to become who we are, and to accept it. ” Sorry for my English.


    1. Dear Chris,
      It is good to read you. Thank you for sharing. From my perspective, you seem to be on a path to healing that is working for you at this time. May you continue to shine as bright as you do!
      With Love,


      1. Sweet Lisa.

        It’s good to read you too. Thank you for your always positive words. Stay as you are.
        With Love.


  3. Well said, Lisa… even if, right now, my only companions are fear, doubts, anxiety and despair! I’m trying to tell myself everything gonna be alright, but I only see all the injustice of my situation and ask myself too, “What did I do?!?”…
    Much love and congrats for your strenght!


    1. Dearest Roxelane,
      It is so good to read you. I understand your pain and despair, even though I have no idea how it feels to be on your journey.
      Perhaps joining me here will help to be a balm for your heart and spirit. Your body has been in battle. Your soul is weary. And your heart is heavy. My teacher, Tenzin Wengyal Rinpoche says exhaustion is to be celebrated! When one is where you are celebration is not on the menu.
      Another friend loves to say, YOU CAN’T FALL FROM THE FLOOR!!

      Perhaps your message today is the inspiration for my next blog.

      I will also post passages from THE TEAM books, to help us all to focus on the positive. Our minds are powerful. Our hearts magnificent. We are not here on this earth by accident. You have a mission. You are here! We have connected and that too is no accident.

      BREATHE BEAUTIFUL SOUL!!! DEEPLY AND OFTEN. BREATHE, AND listen to my songs. LET IT ALL GO certainly applies I know you know this tune.

      I cannot heal your body, but I certainly can be a spark for your beautiful heart.

      Be gentle with yourself as you would a new born baby. Be your own best friend. Be That One, for you, the one who gazed back at you in the mirror! Tell her you LOVE HER and how AMAZING and STRONG she is. Make that an affirmation, your vitamin. Do it!! What is there to lose?

      Love You💗💗💗


  4. Dear one, your truth, wisdom, and life lessons are going to help and inspire so many. You have created a safe place for all to come and share. Only in love…I am so proud of you, much love and light


  5. Lisa,
    Your words are right and in tune.
    Let it all go, follow the heard and see what happen…
    Lookink forward your next posts.
    See you soon


  6. Thank you again for the beautiful shout out Ms. Lisa!!!! You are such a blessing spirit. I need more blog updates now!! Give us an update soon! Hugs×Kisses


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